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"I simply wasn't prepared for the visual feast when I downloaded the book. The photographs are large, and this high resolution is perfect for exploring the subtle nuances of his work. The layout is logical and one feels a sense of exploration as the pages click by. Paper is a reflective medium, and is not entirely suited for viewing images, the images in the pdf shine, and one truly appreciates their beauty."

"Guy Tal's new eBook, Intimate Portraits of the Colorado Plateau, offers an interesting take on the eBook genre. No how-to procedures, no tips and tricks, no GPS waypoints, and no secret places revealed. Instead, it's more like a musical album with pictures serving as the melody to various themes and the essays and captions providing the lyrics. And just like we better know the musician by listening to his songs, so too can we better understand the photographer by playing his images and words together. The "intimate" adjective in the title refers not only to tight compositions and detail quality of many of the images, but also to the close, personal relationship that Tal has with the desert. As he writes in the book: "Sometimes, re discovering one's humanity requires...venturing to a place where mysteries, secrets, color and magnitude, adventure and possibilities beyond the controlled and the predictable still exist." There is a relationship quality to this statement and to the images presented in the book. Pictures like Tal's are only possible when someone is close to their subject, understand its moods, and are changed by its presence in their life. In a world where anyone with a camera is a photographer, this book reminds us that there is more to the art of photography than just taking pictures. The best pictures are reflections of the soul, and this book is a peek inside Guy Tal's."

"So, how wonderfully refreshing to see image after superb image from someone who has mastered the gift of capturing the 'spirit of place' in a landscape... or indeed of anything else he does. The name, which will be known to many, is Guy Tal whose combination of technical mastery and artistic vision is superb. Here continues the distinguished American lineage of photographers able to capture images of the majesty of American landscape that leave you open-mouthed."

"Rather than the grand view, Guy has given us landscape on a scale to be in, a scale we can relate to rather than be overwhelmed by and he has done so with a keen sense of color, form and space."

"I enjoyed Guy's flowing writing style and appreciated his insights to the Colorado Plateau, but it is his photographs that make this book a dazzling piece of work. Each photograph has a short caption that includes its title and a thoughtful comment. What the captions don't include is any location or technical shooting information and the book benefits because of that. Looking through the photographs the reader is taken on a journey of exploration by an experienced and talented guide."

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