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"We all have our little bag-of-tricks for creating photographs, but one of the joys of this ebook was finding new techniques that would let me take my photographs to the next level. Photography is a process of constant improvement, and Guy's ebook definitely helps you do this."

"Guy Tal's latest book seeks to empower the photographer to use the advanced control offered by today's digital tools to produce effective B&W images, and succeeds marvelously. It serves as a concise complete guide to modern digital B&W photography, and at less than $10, is an absolute bargain and earns my highest recommendation."

"Like earlier volumes, Guy does a fantastic job of illustrating his points with example images. He ties the entire text together with a comprehensive example near the end of the eBook. The examples are powerful."

"Creative B&W Processing Techniques discusses the thought process and techniques for creating beautiful black and white images. I can see myself returning to this book repeatedly to visit the techniques used, solve problems that come up in processing, and to find inspiration for development of my creative vision."

"If you are into using Lightroom and Photoshop to do conversions and want to step it up to the next level by studying how one of the best does it, you want this book. Although it is brief it isn't light reading and I'm sure you will learn something that benefits your work even if you are already an advanced digital photographer. The insight into his thought process and methods alone are worth studying. I recommend it highly."

"Even if, like me, you use other programs (I use Silver Efex Pro) Guy's book is still very worthwhile. He is a marvelous writer and provides insights into the B&W creative process that go beyond the specific programs used."

"I can honestly state that "Creative B&W Processing Techniques" is the most in depth e-book on the subject of black and white photographs, and touches many details I have not seen discussed in any other publication before."

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