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"This book, appropriately and fortunately, is not another step-by-step guide to Photoshop workflow. Yes, it reviews many tools within Photoshop and Lightroom and explains, in very clear terms, how they work and can be applied to an image. Tal offers some good cases of the so-called "sideways" and "backward" steps that can be quite useful in image development as well as numerous, practical examples of how he applied a variety of other techniques to his own images. However, pixel-wizardry is not this book's objective. There is a constant emphasis on using the digital darkroom to further the photographer's creative intent and to encourage a personal interpretation of light."

"Once again, Guy brings us not only technical tips & instruction, but observations & exercises to broaden our horizons in processing our nature images."

"I read the book recently and there are many many things that I have learned and will put into practice in my own photography workflow, and I recommend Guy's book for your own collection."

"Guy Tal is not just an awesome photographer, he's an equally good writer and teacher. Guy walks you through the process of making compelling digital images from start to finish, always with the focus on helping the photographer best realize their vision."

"The best part of the book for me is the look behind the curtains at Guy's thoughts and explorations as he works through the techniques. Guy is a master of his craft, and more importantly, a talented artist who is willing to share his gift and experience to help the rest of us improve our own art."

"Guy Tal is one of the best photography writers currently working today so I'd highly recommend purchasing the eBook whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer."

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