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"I absolutely love the eloquence to which he composes words. He has the innate ability to write in a way that compliments his amazing images to a tee. It is very rare for a person to master multiple disciplines and Guy proves his mastery with this new book."

"What I found most compelling about Guy's writing is that it is incredibly positive and supportive. The thought of being creative can be a menacing proposition to many, but Guy provides written mentorship that is invaluable. Exceptionally well organized, the book contains sections including the Creative Process, Concept, Visualization, Composition and Capture. Not only does each section include Guy's inspiring photographs they include quotes from other inspirational thinkers. A book containing such a great balance of technical information and creative philosophy is a must for ones library."

"My overall impression of the book is that it is a complete course in creative landscape photography encompassing the entire creative process from concept to presentation."

"Guy is a powerful thinker and has a talent for putting in those key elements that are often overlooked by other instructors."

"I'm now on my 3rd reading of Guy Tal's "Creative Landscape Photography" eBook. Yeah, it's that good."

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